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About Us

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Above and Beyond Quality

Argenti Jewelry is a family run business. We have been designing and producing jewelry for over 40 years. Our designs are available in Sterling Silver and 14 Karat Gold. Argenti Jewelry designs are reflective of our love for ancient, medieval, and traditional Celtic motifs, contemporary, filigree and florals. We take great pride in our jewelry.


Argenti Jewelry

Our History

Albert and Petronella started Argenti in 1973. First it was just simple etched pieces on Sterling Silver honoring Artist like Beardsley. In short time Albert started designing and selling his work at a variety of craft shows in the New England Area. Petronella became the go to person on gems as she delved into gemology and sales. By 1978 Argenti Silversmiths started doing Renaissance Festivals. 

Petronella, Michelle and Heidi working in jewelry production , setting stones, and managing the shops. As we developed molds of Albert's many designs that you see here today. We did in house lost wax casting and finish all our Silver and Gold jewelry. In 1993 Michelle Married Miguel Ramirez and our team grew.


Miguel Ramirez  became an accomplished jeweler and part of the finishing and production team. While he also designs and create pieces that are reflective of his Aztec heritage and many of his pieces are connected to his culture and northern tribal symbols and thinking. Stones are chosen to aid in healing and spiritual connections throughout the work.

In 2014 Albert passed his legacy onto his family and here we honor all he has given us in skills, knowledge and an opportunity to share his designs With Petronellas leadership we are developing new and inspiring jewelry pieces to share with the people of the world as we are connected in spirit and form.

Where We Are

To find Argenti Jewelry look to your nearest Renaissance festival. We are living in Florida, so if in Tampa join us at BARF in February -March, In April- June we are at the Georgia Area Renaissance Festival in Fairburn, GA.. August-October, Tuxedo New York. Annapolis MD August- October, North Carolina in October - November. 

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